Registration Form (pdf)


Lodging in the Delaware Area (pdf)


Registration Information

1. Effective June 1, 2019, COS 121 and 122 must be taken first. Then, the 100-level courses must be completed.

2. Although 200/300/400 level courses may be taken in any order​, it is strongly recommended that students progress through the levels sequentially when possible.

*COS 221 must be completed before taking COS 421.*

​3. All 100/200/300/400 level courses must be taken prior to 500 level courses. Exceptions to this policy are made only with written permission from the Director​.

*As of 2015, students who have completed all 100-300 level courses and at least two 400-level courses will be permitted to take up to two 500-level courses. COS 321 must be completed before taking COS 521.*

​4. District Superintendent and Local Pastor Registrar approvals are required for every registration. Conference scholarship amount is applied to the student billing record when the DS and LPR registration approval has been received. You can register for up to 4 courses per paper registration form.

​5. Scholarship amounts vary by conference and are applied to the $270 tuition fee per course.  In general, full-time Local Pastors receive conference scholarships for up to four courses per year and part-time Local Pastors receive conference scholarships for up to two courses per year.

​6. Registration fee of $50 per course (non-refundable and non-transferable) must accompany the registration.  Contact the COS office ASAP if the registration form might not arrive at the COS office by the registration deadline.  (See SCHEDULE.)  Submit registration early to insure a spot - CLASS SIZES ARE LIMITED (we will note on the SCHEDULE page if a class is full).

​7. If you register with the paper form, send completed registration form with registration fee payable to MTSO:

     c/o MTSO 
​     3081 Columbus Pike
     Delaware, OH 43015

New Student Information Form

Online REGISTRATION Instructions

For new COSSO students, you will receive an email to set up your Populi account after you submit the New Student Information form linked above. If you are a returning COSSO student and have not yet received an email to setup your Populi account, please email

1. Login to Populi, click My Profile, and then click on the Registration tab. 

2. Select the term you wish to register for from the drop down menu

3. The list of courses will display for the requested term 

     a. If you’ve already received credit for a course offered, you will see a note below the course, so that you don’t accidentally retake it 

     b. By default, courses that you haven’t met the prerequisites for will not display. To request permission to enroll in a course before you’ve met the prerequisites, email and explain why. If approved, we’ll register you for the course.

     c. A clock icon indicates that there is a waiting list for the course.

4. Enroll in a course by clicking the green plus sign to the left of the course. 

5. A description of the course will pop up—click “Add” below that. 

6. If you are registering for two classes in the Summer 2-week session, repeat steps 4 and 5 for your second class

7. Next, click “Save” in the upper right corner of the tab to submit your registration.

8. If you wish to register for multiple terms, repeat this process, starting from step 2.

9. You will receive 2 emails from Populi for each term that you register for. The first is a confirmation of your registration. 

10. The second email you’ll receive from Populi is the registration approval form. Fill out your name, Conference, District, and the Courses you just registered for, and forward the email to your District Superintendent to request their approval of your registration/s.

11. Email (or call 740-362-3120) if you'd like to request housing for the term/s you’ve just registered for. If housing is available, we’ll reserve your room and invoice your housing deposit to your account so that you can pay it with your registration fee. If housing for that term is full, we’ll add you to the waitlist (we’ll post when housing is full on the front pages of both the COSSO website and Populi).

12. The COS office will invoice your registration fee/s and create your term Enrollment Agreement (which replaces your signature on a paper registration form). Populi will send you an email with a link to sign your enrollment agreement. Follow the link, click the box below the agreement, then click Sign and Save.

13. After you sign the enrollment agreement, you will be directed to your Populi Financial section. Click the Dashboard tab, to the left of the By Term tab. The amount due for your registration fees (and housing deposit/s, if you’ve reserved housing) will show up on the right side as the “Pay now amount.” Click Make a Payment, fill out the fields with your information, then click Pay Now.  Populi will automatically email you a receipt.  If a class you’re taking here is starting in less than 6 weeks, your tuition will also be included in the “Pay now amount.” 

*If you prefer to send in a check, you may. Make it payable to MTSO and mail it to: COS c/o MTSO, 3081 Columbus Pike, Delaware, OH 43015

Housing Information

Students are responsible for securing housing.  A limited number of rooms may be available on campus but will NOT be held unless the housing deposit ($40.00 for weekend term or $80.00 for Summer 2-Week term) is submitted with the registration fee.  Room availability fluctuates with each term. When the dorm is full, it will be posted under ANNOUNCEMENTS on the HOMEPAGE. See COS handbook for additional information. In 2020, the housing cost is $100 per weekend term and $455 per 2-Week term (the housing deposit counts toward this cost).​   

A PDF of Delaware-area hotels is available at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked questions

How do I request an official transcript of the Course of Study courses I've taken?

Requests for official transcripts must be made to Pamela Frost at GBHEM.  Include your PID# (if you don't know your PID, you can find it listed on the right side Student tab of your profile in Populi as your Student ID), date of birth and annual conference with your request. 

How do I request an UNOFFICIAL list of courses I've taken at COS School of Ohio?

Contact the COS office at You can also generate your own unofficial transcript in Populi. Log in at, click My Profile, then the Student tab. On the drop down menu titled Transcript Actions, chose Export Transcript, then click OK. A PDF of your unofficial transcript will pop up. Click the disk icon to save the transcript, or the printer icon to print it.

I have to withdraw from class. Is my registration fee transferable?

Registration fees are nonrefundable, nondeductible, and nontransferable.  

I've taken course work at other school. Will the credit transfer to Course of Study?

See the GBHEM Course of Study Administrative Policies Transcript Evaluation Policy

At the request of your conference Board of Ordained Ministry, materials should be sent to:

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry  

PO Box 340007 

1001 Nineteenth Ave. South 

Nashville, TN  37203-0007

Phone: 615-340-7400

Where do I find information about Advanced Course of Study?

MTSO offers a certificate in the Advanced Course of Study. To request more information, contact the Admissions Office at MTSO.

When will the syllabus for a future class I'm interested in be posted?

 Syllabi are sent to the COS office by faculty two to three months prior to the beginning of the term.  It will be posted to the Schedule webpage and Populi course page as soon as it has been processed and is ready for use.  

How much reading will there be for classes?

 Required reading is described in each course syllabus. 

I do not want to be included in the MTSO Student Directory. How do I opt out?